We believe that the best ideas for business are most likely to come from the people who work on it. The formula is simple, you put forth the ideas & we transform them into business. Now the question arises where do you collect your business strategic ideas from? In your Business class , in our daily life observed gap  or working as Employee of a company are the best shot for an idea that will click. They are part of your target audience as well as understand the business dynamics like no one else. An idea for a convergence opportunity or a development plan could come from anywhere and become a success story in no time. The Seed Fund aims to invest in small business firms to begin their journey of huge entrepreneurship. The companies in initial or early developmental stage are eligible to send their applications for seed funding. The amount of seed investment rounds varies , all depending upon the type of business plan.

If you already have a business plan, contact us using the form below;
Your business plan should comprise of the following points in order to help us identify your business potential & the long-term success rate of the business plan:

What are the basic aims of your company?
A precise mission statement of the company will help us to understand your business field, and the purpose of the company.

What services do you offer to your target market?
Briefly illustrate the services you offer and product you manufacture in order to enable us to figure out the functionality roadmap of your company.

What is the financial business model of your company?
Include the mode of financial operations of the company or in simple words how will your company generate revenues based on your financial business model.

The Company Hierarchy
List the founders, co-founders, board members, advisory, management staff and all other important members and team that play a key role in laying down the foundation of your company.

What significant role is your company playing in giving a stop solution to your customers regarding their queries? On what basis you claim your company to be the top notch solution provider among your competitors?

  • What are pain points of your customers, and how well do you know your clientele?
  • Which solutions do you offer to overcome the queries of your clients?
  • Which services & solutions help you to stand out among other existing services of competitor market?Identify your target market.

Who is your target market, and what part of share your company has dedicated solely to capture the target audience.

Why should The Seed Fund choose your company?

What makes your company the most eligible option for The Seed Fund investments?

Why do you think you can make a reasonable accommodation as the first investee in the ‘Companies Portfolio Tab’ of The Seed Fund?

We do not intend to take any responsibility for the disclosure of proprietary information or leakage of confidential statistics of your company unless a written agreement is signed with all the necessary legal documentation. Therefore, it is advised to avoid including any such information about your company in the business plan whose disclosure can bring any harm to your business-ship directly or indirectly.

Through risk management & evaluation processes of The Seed Fund team, the business proposals are then placed in context to weigh and substantiate viability.