Investment Process

Investment Process

Before understanding the Investment Process of The Seed Fund let’s talk about YOU before discussing us. We identified 3 important factors about our valuable clients seeking funding for their businesses lying in initial phase:

Who are you?

YOU are a start-up technology or services oriented company exhibiting a vital mission statement, followed by a dedicated team of individuals searching the way to trigger trajectory business growth.

What are you looking for?

YOU need funding for your small company in order to transform your ideas into a reality of entrepreneurship.

How can we help?

The Seed Fund works with the sole objective of funding small businesses after evaluating their business plans, and going through a process of financial risk management. Our practical coaching and investment of time as well as money helps you to raise funds, which lead a non-profit organization to its full financial bloom.

The investment process of The Seed Fund involves a cyclic phenomenon based on 6 essential elements:

1.     Innovate

With the growth in the angel investment network and seed funding industry having stabilized to some extent, the need for new business streams has become more profound than ever. While innovation is the word on the street, the investment and funding industry stands poised at a point in time. The concept is to expand the small companies, and give them a direction in terms of new business possibilities. To generate new revenue streams for those companies, we look at the innovative ideas that can translate into sustainable and viable business strategies.

2.     Invest

The Seed Fund first looks at the applicant company’s assets (infrastructure, distribution network, human resource, goals, services offered etc.) & already established relationships with stakeholders, employees and most importantly customers to generate a new business stream that paves the path for a quick yet healthy exit.

3.     Incorporate

Recently launched “The Seed Fund” profitable investment company exhibits a number of funding opportunities that were meant to tap the brain pool of SME’s for the generation of new business ideas. Our easily accessible investment process & well reputed statistics were well received across the globe and a pool of ideas was gathered. Now this is the point where the role of The Seed Fund begins, and we incorporate your ideas in the transformation of a lively entrepreneurship. We know the numbers, and we know how an idea has changed the way people conduct their financial transactions. The next big idea to trigger our investment process could come from anywhere, maybe from you!

4.     Incubate

Incubation demonstrates how everything falls in place when passion is nurtured and plans are put to action. Of course we have weaknesses, let’s not kid ourselves. We still have to work on several fronts, but we have the right people, the right mindset, and those values are embedded that show our investees that The Seed Fund is selfless in giving back to the community, and that by participating in seeding activities, we can help make a difference in small businesses stability in a market with overwhelming competition.

5.     Improve

The evaluation program is being implemented in The Seed Fund to identify the investment process flaws in everyday work, and help improve our work efficiency. Credibility of what a company does comes from within. For that to happen, we always remain upfront to connect with our investees 24/7.

6.     Increase

We at The Seed Fund aim to increase the market share for our investees by not only investing monetary assets on them, but most essentially investing our time in the evaluation of their business plans. We do the seeding and the resulted growth enables you to reap the profits!